22 Agustus 2010

Into the FOSS World

My first contact with FOSS world was happened in 2002, when I was at 11th grade, right after I bought my first PC. The situation back then was although the Indonesian Copyright Act No. 19/2002 has been established, software piracy was at peak. Almost everyone, including friends in my high school use proprietary software, but not the original one. I remembered I'm quite good at cracking activation code as well.

Then, it all change when I found Info Linux magazine at local bookstore. It included an installer disc of a popular distro, Mandrake Linux 8.2. It was worth buying, and one of my best decision over the years. I try to install it in my PC without success, only in my 2nd attempt I successful. I found the OS is very challenging, intriguing and, the best of all, very entertaining. However, I still have my PC dual boot for some years since I dealt with a big obstacle, no Internet connection.

No internet connection means no update, news, forum, mailing lists or IRC. If my system crashed, I only had two options. First to lookup the answer in the magazines, or to reinstall it. Only after I bought a laptop, I had enough courage to fully migrate. I have OpenSUSEUbuntuDebianMepisBlankOnMandrivaSlackwarePC-BSD,FreeBSDPuppy LinuxArch Linux installed in my system past the years.

My first contribution to FOSS world was when I joined the Indonesian translator team in Ubuntu. Later on the same team also developed BlankOn, a Ubuntu derivative for Indonesian. However, I left the team because of lacks of time. Since then I only focus on upstream translation projects because of its flexibility of time.

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