12 Oktober 2008

Some Other Movies

Last night I finished watching Bee Movie and Hitman. The mastermind behind Bee Movie was Jerry Seinfeld. I found the movie hilarious, there are some morale lessons to be taken. Mostly are about how we, human being, build relationships with another things in the world. Hitman was the opposite, since it was inspired by video game with the same name. Thank goodness it wasn't end like agent 007 who always fall before ladies. Oh, another movie I watch in this week is Laskar Pelangi. I think a lot of readers will feel dissapointed with how the director brought the movie to the audience, because lots of thing in the movie are different from the book. But, I agree with the message he tried to give. The other good one is we know now that the story is taken year around 1974, and Lintang has a daugther, who seems genius as himself. It was glad to know Lintang hasn't given up his dream to become the first malayan mathematician.

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