10 Oktober 2008

Of Avatar, Hancock and Planetarium

Recently, I've finished watching Avatar series, starting from chapter 314 to chapter 321 book 3. The cartoon was terrific. I love how they draw the fights, landscapes and the peoples. It's quite different to those from Japan. My favorite is still Toph, her metal-binding is totally awesome. Too bad starting from now on, I can't watch her skills again. So, this is my farewell for Avatar series.

Another movie I watched is Hancock. It was truly PR movie. So one who play role as PR practitioners, should watch this movie. Totally recommended. Oh, I almost forgot to tell that Ikimonogakari are about to release their newest single, Planetarium, on October 15th, 2008. They've released the music video. And I love it. Another development was GReeeeN, they collaborated with BACK-ON to released their newest single on October 1st under the name of BAReeeeeeeeeeN. Though I love the music, the sales wasn't good. I hope the next time they collaborate, the (japanese) audiences more like it.

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