12 Agustus 2008

Again, Open Source Movie

Tonight I saw another open source movie, titled Big Buck Bunny. It's the second time I watched similar movie, the other is Elephant Dream. Both of them is made with Blender software. The companion softwares for Blender are Gimp, Python, Inkscape, SVN, and Ubuntu respectively.

I loved to see how they create Big Buck Bunny. It reminds me of Ice Age. Too bad, the movie duration only 10 minutes. Don't leaves your computer screen until the movie is end.

Another happy story is that FSF finally accepted my disclaimer for translations I've done for them. Now, there isn't any obstacle for me to translate as many program as I want.

06 Agustus 2008

Winter Green

I've watched the movie twice. Although it's funny to see the antagonist chased by dogs in the end of movie, overall it was a great movie. It's sad to hear the stars from the movie had ill fated upon them. Today, I also finished watch closed note. I loved it. Closed note reminds me of my first love many years ago.

August is the month of independence, here in Indonesia. While it is also the month of a-bomb commemoration for people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I hope the world won't have to see any bombs like that.

04 Agustus 2008

It's Been a While

Hello my good blog.

I reckoned it's almost 2 years since I wrote my last post. Many things happened, I've graduated from GMU and I'll start my new years in UI next September. I also learned new language, Japanese. Working as freelance translator for many programs, and helping my parents with become a salesman.

I got broadband connection this time, it helps me a lot. Well, I'll write again more often this time. Farewell.