20 September 2006

Silent Hill

Recently I watched Silent Hill dvd, the movie was gave me a deep impression. Especially the role of Sharon/Alessa by Jodelle Ferland, it was truly awesome. A friend of mine has also watched the movie at cinema, but she said it was bad movie. I guess her opinion is based on the ending of the movie.

Silent Hill is originally a first-person shooting game. Developed by a group known as Team Silent, the game soon became a hit. Up until now, they are four releases of Silent Hill game. Too bad I haven't played the series even once, just because I didn't have the console for playing it. Plus, when I have a chanced to lay a hand on Sony Playstation 2, I prefer to play racing games.

The Silent Hill movie story is similar to the first Silent Hill game. With some exception of few things. It's a story of mother who trying to cure her daughter sleepwalking phobia by bring her to the town of Silent Hill, in this movie is located in West Virginia. The town itself has become a ghost town since a big fire killing most of its residences. It also said, that the underground fire still burning until today.

The movie writer based the Silent Hill story on true events of the town Centralia, Pennsylvania. The town is suffer from underground mine fire caused by trash fire in the landfill. The coal reserve in the eight-mile seam is enough to keep the fire alive for 250 years.

And don't forget the role of Jodelle Ferland as Sharon/Alessa. She reminds me of another young actress, Dakota Fanning. I love her role with Robert De Niro in Hide and Seek. As the young actor, I prefer Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense.

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