24 September 2006

My Birthday

Today is my birthday, cool right? Thank you my friend, for you not forgetting my big day. Well, I spent my first hour of my 21st year in Campus,  I downloading, uploading, writing email, blogging, and starting up the new aggregator sites for my friend, it's a planet site. But, I'm facing some difficulties since I'm not a programmer.

Few days ago, I was reading some interesting article. It's about question which movies would you recommended to watch for a bubble kid. I pick some of my favorites, here the lists:

  1. La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful) : depends from which side you look into a problem.
  2. Crash : never judge people from the way he/she look (never judge the book from it’s cover).
  3. Innocent Voices : most children in countries with conflict are become the weapon.
  4. Elephant : gun only turn human into a monster.
  5. Turtle Can Fly : children will always need love and protection from their parents.
Since this movie is for children, then I need to find the movies that put children as the main character or at least there are young actor/actress play in that movie.

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